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Growing Smiles Guide to
maintaining your dental appliance

Home care including cleaning your appliance needs to be meticulous from day one.

You can see the HyGenie in use here.
Dr Marks Dental HyGenie unit is ideal for cleaning all oral appliances. It’s easy to use and effective at keeping your appliance clean and hygienic. Use it daily with the Dental Fresh gel (soap at pH 5 which prevents tartar build up).
If you already have a soft denture/appliance care brush for cleaning, then use Dental fresh gel for a full 20-30 seconds to brush all surfaces of your appliance. Dental Fresh Gel reduces mould and bacteria building up during storage. If using a brush we suggest placing a clean face cloth down then use that as a base to brush as can be seen in this video. 
Using Dental fresh gel
Store your appliance dry in a well ventilated tub - keep the lid open for extra air circulation if storing in this between uses.
Do NOT use toothpaste as it will scratch the surface and make the maintenance more challenging long term. Over soaking with denture tablets can also cause surface roughness which may grow tartar.

More tips from Growing Smiles

If you don't want to go down the HyGenie clean and care kit option we would recommend Curaprox Daily cleaning gel with their brush for daily cleaning.

Whichever daily cleaning option you select soaking in the Curaprox weekly bath for 10-15mins weekly is recommended.

If you find you are short of time e.g. in the morning, use the HyGenie spray – this will disinfect your appliance until you are able to brush the appliance thoroughly later when you have more time.

Take care of your oral applicance

Oral appliances of any sort spend significant periods of time in the mouth. When worn overnight when saliva dries up bacteria can have a field day!

Appliance care should be part of your basic oral care routine for your oral and overall health  ie. 

  • Thorough tooth brushing with a fluoride toothpaste night and morning. Spit out after brushing but don't rinse to get the maximum from your toothpaste ingredients.    
  • Clean between teeth daily with suitable interdental product, brushes, waterflosser, floss etc.
  • Keep sugar containing food and drink to mealtimes only and avoid these the hour before bedtime.

Attend your dental team for regular professional monitoring and maintenance. 
Learn more and find a range of oral care products the professionals recommend at growingmsiles.co.uk