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Oral Health from an Early Age. Children's Dentistry.
We Love To See Children Smile!


It’s never too early to protect your child’s teeth.

The Dentistry@Markethill team will take the time to listen to children and explain in simple terms the types of things they can expect during their visit. We welcome any and all questions and we’ll teach them basic dental care in a relaxed, friendly and fun way to encourage a lifetime of healthy habits.


Your Child’s First Visit

Good habits start at an early age.

That’s why we feel it’s important to take your child for their first dental appointment as soon as their first teeth start to appear.

This will allow your child to get used to visiting the dentist and gives us the opportunity to stop any potential issues before they become more serious.

Toddler being introduced to the dental envirment.

We Create A Lifetime Of Smiles

Child meeting the dentist

When the time is right, our children’s care team will show them the best way to brush their teeth and create a preventative treatment programme using state-of-the-art techniques for a healthy and growing smile. We also offer fluoride applications and fissure (tooth coloured) sealants to prevent decay if necessary.

Our aim is for children to grow up with great teeth and enjoy a lifetime of happy and healthy smiles!


Help your kids keep track of their toothbrushing routine with our handy chart. Download it below and keep it handy.


  • You should start brushing your baby's teeth as soon as the first milk tooth appears.
  • A child should always be supervised whlie brushing their teeth.
  • Brush teeth twice a day for no less than daily 2 minutes each time.
  • Don't rinse after brushing - the fluoride won't work as well if you rinse your teeth after brushing.
  • Children only need a very small amount of toothpaste.

Let your child watch you brushing your teeth.

Every Child Deserves An Orthodontic Assessment


If you’re a parent you may be wondering if, or at what age, your child may need braces.

Although many people think braces are for teenagers, children as young as seven can benefit from having their teeth checked by a skilled orthodontist.

Some of the issues our orthodontist will look for are baby teeth that have fallen out too early, too late or not at all, adult teeth that are too crowded, the effects of any thumb sucking habits, protruding teeth and a misaligned bite.

The friendly Dentistry@Markethill team are skilled in creating strong, wonderful smiles for anyone at any age!

Children's brace with a range of colourful elestics
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